We are a reference in innovation and textile technology, Fibrasca is focused on the development of products carefully aligned to the variety of consumer profiles.

Our daily work is based on the improvement of our fabric and foams, bringing incredible and unique benefits to the market and special demands by developing customized product lines.

With over 6,000 customers, and on the shelves of more than 20500 stores north to south of Brazil, we are present in more than 26 countries, providing comfort and quality of life for millions of people.

Today Fibrasca holds internationally recognized brands of pillows as Pele de Pêssego®, Toque de Rosas® and Frostygel® produced with unique high-tech fabrics in the market. In addition, we maintain a broad portfolio of differentiated pillows and cushions with shapes, sizes, and utilities that meet numerous health demands, practicality and comfort.



  • 1986

    Fibrasca was founded in Joinville.
  • 1991

    Starts the production of pillows.
  • 2000

    Starts the production of special pillows, including the line Pele de Pêssego® and other bedding accessories.
  • 2008

    Starts the production of injected products, viscoelastic and latex.
  • 2011

    Starts production of laminates, and own manufacturing foam blocks.
  • 2014

    Starts production of filling pillows named Silicomfort® Frostygel®.
  • 2015

    Starts the production of Washable Latex line.

Fibrasca is engaged with various social projects, we integrate our employees and the community with initiatives of valorization and human development.

More than 250 direct jobs and participation in various social actions with the collaboration of our employees.

Fibrasca is also a donor for two institutions in Santa Catarina:

Universo Down (Adesd):

This institution assists children, youth and adults with the genetic alteration known as Down Syndrome, seeking through assistance practices to integrate them into society.

Centro de Recuperação Nova Esperança (Cerene):

The "New Hope Recovery Center" (Cerene) serves the rehabilitation of chemical dependents (alcohol and other drugs), aimed at behavioral changes and the quality of life of dependents and their families, based on an approach that considers the dependent as a human being Integral.

Client Commitment

Fibrasca builds true partnerships with its customers and distributors, aiming at the satisfaction and potentialization of the results.

We are constantly developing technologies for consumer health and well-being - aiming to keep up with demands, surpassing expectations with new products.

This is our link with the consumer of Fibrasca, our feedback received. Values perceived in products with our technology.

Our mission, vision and values

Mission: Promote quality of life and wellness.

Vision: Achieve the position of leading company in products that improve health, comfort and people’s rest.

Our daily lives present Values:
  • Appreciation of the human being;
  • Consumer focus;
  • Honesty in relationships;
  • Partnership with commitment;
  • Constant innovation;
  • Practicality and agility.

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